Freedom Summer / 716 Votes!

Open Buffalo has declared the Summer of 2021 a Freedom Summer!

The "For the People Act"

During 2021, Open Buffalo is working in coalition with dozens of other statewide organizations to protect voting rights and save our democracy through passage of the "For the People Act" (HR1/S1) in Congress.

Ecological Justice & Just Transition

A core element of Open Buffalo’s mission is working within the framework of the ecological definition to advance knowledge and advocate for a more Just Community.  To understand the interdependence between all living things is a crucial step toward protecting the global climate and its delicate ecosystems to ensure that marginalized communities have uninhibited access to quality air, water, and food.   

Justice & Opportunity

Open Buffalo’s Justice & Opportunity campaign work includes advocating for ecological justice, creating safer neighborhoods, dismantling of mass incarceration and cutting recidivism, increasing grassroots power in frontline communities, and removing barriers to civic participation. 

Community Restoration Project

We launched the Community Restoration Project to push for equitable cannabis legalization, "clean slate" criminal justice legislation, and progressive tax reforms.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Page

Open Buffalo seeks to provide as much information as possible for the community at large regarding the coronavirus pandemic.  This page will be updated as new resources are identified.